Highland Heights Academy

The Quality of a Private School in the Convenience of Your Home

Enrolling in Highland Heights Academy is easy!






Just follow the 4 steps below:




Step 1:


Complete enrollment form, and submit $495 payment per student, for one full school year.  Once enrollment is received, a certified teacher from our staff will contact you, and assist you in setting up a customized educational program for your child.




Step 2:


After your customized program has been established, all books and instructions will be mailed postage paid.(Click here for book sample)




Step 3:


Once books arrive, you will be assisted by your personal certified teacher on how to instruct your student in completing daily work, followed by weekly quizzes in each of these subjects: English, History, Math, Science, and Electives.  At the end of nine weeks, your student will be given a quarterly test in each subject, which will be sent to your contact teacher for grading.




Step 4:


As soon as your contact teacher has graded all work, an official quarterly report card will be sent directly to you both online and by mail.  At the end of the year, all final grades will be recorded on your student's official transcript, which will be maintained as a part of their cumulative record.

Accredited by: The National Association of Private Schools

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