Highland Heights Academy

The Quality of a Private School in the Convenience of Your Home

Since all our certified teachers at Highland Heights have taught in traditional classrooms, we prefer to use a combination of physical textbooks along with online support.


Each textbook we use includes daily lessons, followed by weekly tests which are graded by parents.  All answer keys for parents are provided.   After nine weeks, students are given quarterly tests that will be graded by their contact teacher.


When all grades are tallied, an official quarterly grade report is sent both online and by mail.


Our core subjects include Math, English, Science, and History. We also offer a full line of High School electives.

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The following is a list of subjects by grade level:


Grade 1: Mathematics 1, English/Spelling 1, Phonics Reader, Science 1, History 1


Grade 2: Mathematics 2, English/Spelling 2, Penmanship, Nature Science, History 2


Grade 3: Mathematics 3, English/Spelling 3, Science (Creation Day By Day), History 3


Grade 4: Mathematics 4, English/Spelling 4, Science (Our World: Science Facts), History 4


Grade 5: Mathematics 5, English/Spelling 5, Science (Physiology/ Health), History 5


Grade 6: Mathematics 6, English/Spelling 6, Science (Earth Science), History (U.S. Geography)


Grade 7: Mathematics 7, English 7, Biological Science, World Geography


Grade 8: Pre-Algebra, English 8, General Science, History 8


Grade 9: Algebra 1, English Grammar and Composition I, Physical Science, U.S. History


Grade 10: Geometry, English Grammar and Composition II,  Biology, Introduction to World History


Grade 11: Algebra II, English Grammar and Composition III, Spanish, Health/ Dynamic Bible Living, Culture War/Current Issues


Grade 12: Business Math, English Grammar and Composition IV, Music Study, Scientific Creationism, U.S. Government/ Economics




High School Electives:

Home Economics

Personal Development (For Young Ladies)


Computer Skills

Bible Study I (Inspiration of Scriptures)

Bible Study II (Bible Survey)

Bible Study III (Miracles of Christ)

Bible Study IV (Book of Proverbs)





Kindergarten Program Includes:

Assessment/Placement Testing

Basic Instruction In The Skills Of:

Alphabet Recognition/Phonics

Math/Counting and Basic Addition




Basic Science

Basic Bible History