Highland Heights Academy

The Quality of a Private School in the Convenience of Your Home


What is the cost to attend Highland Heights Academy?

$495.00 per student for one full school year.


Can students enroll at any time during the school year?

Yes. Our teaching staff works year round, therefore, students can enroll at any time. Our program is written on a 36 week format with quarterly tests taken every 9 weeks. So, whenever a student enrolls, 36 weeks later he/she will have completed one grade level.


Can students work at their own pace?

Yes. Students may advance through the program by completing the quarterly tests earlier than the 9 week time frame. However, each quarterly test must be passed with a grade of 75% or better before a student can move on to the next set of tests.


May students call or e-mail their contact teacher?

Absolutely. The Highland Heights teaching staff is available for assistance with any subject during school hours.


Can students transfer their credits earned at Highland Heights back to their local school?

Because we are fully accredited through the National Association of Private Schools, an overwhelming majority of public and private schools accept credits earned through our program as transfer credits. However, it is always best for students to check with their local school regarding policies concerning transfer credit.


If a student earns his/her diploma from Highland Heights, will colleges accept and recognize it for admission purposes?

Due to our accreditation (see above question) our diploma is recognized nationally. However as in the above question, it is always best for students to check the admission policies of the college they are interested in attending.


How easily can students transfer into Highland Heights from other schools or homeschool settings?

Students can easily transfer into our program. If students enter from other schools, we simply review the previous records, accept credits based on those records and send the appropriate courses for students to continue their studies. For homeschooled students entering our program, we ask for written descriptions of the courses studied, grades earned and the type of curriculum used. For all students in grades 9-12 we also develop a graduation plan based on previous credits earned.


What courses are studied and what are the graduation requirements for Highland Heights?

A detailed course list can be found on our "Curriculum" page, and graduation requirements are listed on our "Graduation" page.






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