Highland Heights Academy

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Units Required to Graduate - 23

(4) Language Arts


(English And Composition I), (English And Composition II), (English And Composition III), (English And Composition IV) or *Any English and Composition courses with content equal to or above English And Composition I - IV


(4) Mathematics


(Algebra I), (Algebra II), (Geometry), (Business Math) or *Any courses with content equal to or above Algebra I


(4) Science


(Physical Science), (Biology), (Health), (Scientific Creationism) or *Any science courses with content equal to or above Biology I


(4) Social Studies


(1 U.S. History), (1/2 Student's Respective State History), (1/2 Current Events), (1 World History), (1/2 U.S. Government), (1/2 Economics) or *Any courses with content equal to or above U.S. History or U.S. Government. Geography courses accepted as well.


(1) Fine Arts


(Principles of music) or *Any courses dealing with the Arts. Visual Arts, Music Appreciation, Drama studies, Art/ Music History are all accepted.


(1) Foreign Language


(Spanish I) or *Any Foreign Language Studies


(5) Electives


(Home Economics), (Shop), (Personal Development - For Young ladies), Bible Studies I - IV) or *Any elective chosen by student that fulfills Carnegie Unit


* Credits may be transferred from public/ private and homeschool transcripts. Homeschool transcript credits must fulfill Carnegie Unit Requirements. That is, courses must have been studied for: 40 minutes/ 5 days a week for 36 weeks or 120 hours within the school year.

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